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For Photographers Who Want MORE 
MORE Clients
MORE Money
MORE Meaning
This is about connecting to YOUR Perfect Clients through your unique authenticity, your integrity and your love of photography. 
Now more than ever, our clients have so much choice when it comes to photographers, I will show you how to stand out on social media and an overcrowded marketplace.
Explore The REAL Way To Have More...
Endless hours on the computer trying to work things out on your own, it's exhausting and all consuming.. Get your life back with these step-by-step solutions.
Without building desire you will always be competing on price.
When there's no value besides the photos, you won't ever get paid what you're really worth.
What would you rather? 
a- 10 clients at $500 each 
b- 2 clients at $2500 each
I take a different approach to the majority of "experts" out there
I used to be 100% focused on my photography. I would show up every single day and do lighting workshops or spend hours on YouTube thinking if I was a better photographer maybe I would get paid more. 

Then one day I realised my photos were pretty good, but still I was getting nowhere financially, I had been so focused on the photography, I was failing at sales and marketing myself. I was attracting the wrong type of clients, the connection and meaning just wasn't there and I didn't have a clue how to fix it!  I just didn't have my shit together I had to work harder & harder to get anywhere! 

I ended up almost broke, my body was broken, my marriage was broken and I hit an all time low.

I pretty much wanted to throw the towel in and get a real job.

With a broken body & failed marriage, I decided to leave my hometown and start over. With a forced medical hiatus.... it was over 2 years until I could lift my camera again. 

Because of that, through the darkest of days, I realized it wasn't just about the photography, I had been so busy, I hadn't seen I was focused on the wrong things. Maybe it was genuine connection, heartfelt connection, the real stuff that would allow clients to be seen & heard was what people really wanted. 

Turns out this was even more powerful than great lighting and a killer pose. 
Caring about my clients more than myself was different now, deeper, much deeper. 

That's when my world changed forever. I work less, it means more because I attract the right type of clients now and I was making more money than I ever dreamt was possible by taking photos. 

I'm now living a life that I never even dared dream about. Now I help photographers find their true value, regardless of who's standing in front of the camera, Families, Babies, Women, Pets. We Humans are hard wired for REAL connection, the stuff that matters, every photographer has a unique perfect client its my job to connect the dots, so they get paid well too. 

Annie xx
Finding Your Beautiful™ - The Film

What does MORE look like? 

It's different for all of us, for me it was about showing women they are enough, regardless of size, shape, ability or age.

For you it could be a new born baby or a bride on her wedding day, a family, a woman or a dog owner or a horse lover... regardless of WHO is in front of the camera, this beautiful way of connection and meeting our clients needs and desires isn't cheap marketing tricks, handling objections and using revolting trigger words.
Over 250,000 people have watched the Finding Your Beautiful™ film with millions of tears shed. I never knew the course of my life would change forever with thousands of Photographers from all over the world asking me for help.

It's hasn't been any easy journey: pushing through self doubt and fear, even on the shitty days I knew I couldn't stop- I had to show YOU, photographers (women just like me) that when you run your business from the heart and understand what your clients really want, they are more than happy to pay, any amount of dollars... and it has less to do with photos than you think! 


Where Photographers come to discover how they can have MORE 
Find YOUR True Value and the Clients who will be happy to pay your prices. 

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*Course does NOT include: A free set of steak knives, Domino's Pizza (of any size), prayers, guarantees, crochet quilts, nipple clamps, relationship advice, or parking advice of any kind. It HOWEVER- Courses MAY include: Anything that sparkles, Connected heartfelt safe space, Next Level Integrity based Marketing Strategies and Client Focused Business Strategies, Good old-fashioned discussions and problem solving!

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