I help photographers get 
Booked Out, Valued & Paid

The Annieography Philosophy Is Simple
3 Steps to More Clients, More Money and More Meaning.
Become a Client Magnet
Connect to the clients who will value you and stop being ignored on social media
Create an 
A simple and authentic way to infuse more value into your shoot so clients can't resist your images
Feel Confident With Your Prices
You don’t have to come off as a pushy salesman to sell your photos. A simple, icky- free sales process.
You're a Photographer...
and the health of your business depends on YOU getting new clients in the door and buying your photos. 

It’s not enough to be great at taking photos… you need clients! 

And not just any clients, but the right type of clients. The ones who want to work with you. Who understand you’re unique talents.  The ones who will value your work and be happy to buy everything you show them, and make you feel like a rock star.

Without a steady flow of the perfect clients, your business is in trouble.
I can help
Most client attraction strategies being taught today just plain don’t work. Blogging, Vouchers, SEO and Networking. All that stuff.

These strategies are fine for keeping you busy, but they’re hopeless when it comes to finding the right type of clients. 
Booked Out Valued & Paid is Different
We teach not only cutting-edge Social Media techniques that really work… but also how to follow that through with a proven formula to the value infusing client experience and (non-sleazy) heartfelt desire driving sales with all of the support and mindset tools you'll need to create an extraordinary transformation in your business, so you can live the life you dream of.
Hi, I'm Annie & This Is What I do!
I help photographers get more of the right type of clients using Facebook. 

We do it better than anyone else in the world. The confidence building and heartfelt process has been developed based on the marriage between the LOVE of Photography, Facebook marketing and the understanding of Social and Consumer Behavior.

My expertise is behind the psychology and formulas of running an extremly profitable Photography Business thats authentically aligned to your own personality, style and values, whether that is through our fully supported group program, private consulting, our intensive workshop events or keynote speaking.
The reason it seems that PRICE is all your customers care about is because you haven't given them anything else to care about!  
Seth Godin
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Become the standout Photographer in an overcrowded marketplace and BE the success you dream about!
Suitabe for ALL Types Of Photographers
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Want Clients To Pay You Double What They've Paid You Before & Beat A Path To Your Door?
Fast-paced, online “live” training with Annie: Now you can escape being undervalued and become booked out, valued & paid,
What Photographer's Are Saying...
Are you ready to write your own success stories just like these woman?   
thats $54,000 in 6 months!
I take a different approach to the majority of "experts" out there and that's why it works!
Annie Murray 
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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. It’s important to know that my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having run my own businesses for many years. The average person who buys any “how to” information generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results. Business also entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action and nothing is guaranteed. If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT BUY My PROGRAMs.  If you are looking for a guaranteed “silver bullet” then this is not for you.